Dinner Date -  June 15, 2012

Okay so last night, after making me wait for five hours, I finally got to catch up and have dinner again with my best friend :)

Original plan was to eat in Yellow Cab, like always. But I’m on a calorie-restricted diet, which meant I had to protest against the pizza and the pasta they served.

We were supposed to try looking into Cafe Via Mare or Heaven and Eggs, but we found this humble looking little restaurant by Rustan’s called Benny’s.

They served Filipino Food, which was good for my diet. They also had delicious cakes! But I can’t order some because, well, of my diet regime.

Anyhoo, my best friend doesn’t eat vegetables, and I can’t eat anything with meat, so we ended up buying different orders and eating a serving fit for two people.

She ordered her favorite beef caldereta and steamed rice, while I had a big plate of roasted vegetables and garlic rice.

Pretty healthy choice if you ask me! Even though I wanted to order the binagoongan rice and desperately wanted to taste the restaurant’s alluring Lechon Kawali!

It was a fun night. The music and ambiance, only there was one thing wrong about this scenario: I was not with a romantic partner, I was with a girl, and she was my best friend. And it was weird how the restaurant blasted romantic music, we were laughing about it the whole night. :))

Anyhoo, fun night! Can’t wait for next week! We’re going to try this Jap Food Place in Glorietta!

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